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Centre Facilities/Laboratory


  • MOCVD System
  • Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  • PL Thickness Mapper
  • EL System
  • Sheet Resistance Mapper
  • LED Characterization Tool with Integrating Spheres
  • Laser-Lift-Off System
  • Laser Scribing System
  • Sputtering System
  • Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging System

MOCVD System

PL Thickness Mapper

Sheet Resistance Mapper

EL System

LED Characterization Tool with Integrating Spheres


LUMINOUS! takes great pleasure to share her resources with industrial partners. We have a vast range of high-end equipment available for usage at a reasonable rate.

Contact information:
To know more on the core facilities please contact our Research Centre's Cluster Manager, Dr Tan Yew Heng (Email: eyhtan@ntu.edu.sg, Tel: 6908 2310)

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